This dangerous proposal would gut the RFS. Let's fight back!

The Obama Administration is proposing to drastically reduce the amount of renewable fuel blended into the nation’s gas supply next year.

This proposal would:

  • Cost American drivers more than $7 billion in higher gas prices.
  • Give a huge handout to the oil companies— meaning more than $10 billion in new profits.
  • Undermine the growing American industry that is helping to move us off oil.

Tell the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and President Obama you oppose this plan to reduce clean fuel use. Make your voice heard now to help protect renewable fuels and the Renewable Fuel Standard.

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I am deeply concerned that the proposal to reduce the amount of renewable fuel we use under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) will raise gas prices and hit consumers where it hurts. The proposed cuts would effectively hand over $10 billion to the oil companies – that’s money out of everyday Americans’ pockets. Furthermore, this proposal puts thousands of American jobs at risk and threatens our ability to attract new companies and investments to the U.S. From an environmental perspective, any policy that increases our use of oil should be considered a negative. It’s simple – less renewable fuel means more oil and higher GHG emissions. I respectfully ask that you stand up for everyday Americans. Please reject this dangerous proposal and help ensure that our country continues to have access to cleaner, cheaper fuel that is good for our economy and our environment. Thank you.